Welcome at the home page for Audax Randonneur Danemark (ARD)

ARD is the Danish branch of a world-wide concept of long distance bike riding.

There are five organisers of brevets in Denmark. They are situated in North Jutland (Aalborg), Mid Jutland (Herning), Southern Jutland (Sønderborg), West Zealand (Slagelse) and the capitol area (Hillerød).

The organisers will have between one and three super randonneur series per year.

The starting points and starting times of all brevets is displayed in the calendar.

Here you can also sign up for one or more brevets that you will like to participate in.

Select ‘KALENDER’ in the top menu, click ’brevetkalender’, click on ’agenda’ to get an overview of the brevets, click on the brevet you’ll like to join.

A new window will open with information regarding the specific brevet, e.g. starting place and starting time, link to the cue sheet, link to the GPS file and other practical information.

If your participation in a brevet is a one-time event, it is easier to mail the organiser. The organiser will then make specific deals with you regarding registration and payment.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the organisers, the president or the secretary general.

See you at a brevet in Denmark!

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Audax Randonneurs Danemark

ARD har 5 arrangører, der har hvert sit faste start/mål sted fordelt forholdsvis jævnt ud over landet. Det er derfor relativt nemt at komme til at køre breveter.


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